Caterpillar 745c


Caterpillar 745c Overview

With an increased capacity of 25 m3 (32.7 yd3) and 41 tonnes (45.2 tonnes), the Caterpillar 745c offers proven reliability, durability, high productivity, increased operator comfort and lower operating costs. With a focus on high productivity, the Caterpillar 745c has many updated and improved features, an all-new powertrain, and new ease-of-operation features, including Automatic Retarder Control.

Caterpillar 745c Powertrain improvements

The trucks feature the Cat Clean Emissions Module, an aftertreatment system that includes a diesel particulate filter that regenerates automatically without operator intervention. The CEM also features a selective catalytic reduction system and an easily accessible DEF reservoir.

The transmission, the Cat CX38 High Density Power Shift, has nine forward speeds and two reverse speeds. The electronic features of the CX38 include modulation of the transmission clutch engagement for smooth shifting and a torque management function that maintains a constant flow of torque through the transmission during gear range changes, all at the same time. time. providing an automatic gear selection tailored to the job.

The transmission also features an automatic traction control that adjusts the clutch engagement level while the truck is in motion, and the ability to set the retard control to fully automatic.

Additional features include a system that makes it easy to stop and start on slopes, and a braking system that applies the service brakes during breaks in the duty cycle.

Caterpillar’s new large articulated haulers – Caterpillar 745c – receive a powertrain upgrade that is expected to improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%.

Caterpillar has cut a ton from the 740B to make the new flagship, the Caterpillar 745c. Much of the weight is due to the new high-density CX38 powershift transmission. The CX38 has 18% fewer parts and weighs 50% less than the CX31, a 1,800-pound cut in vehicle weight. Cat designers have been able to add two gears while reducing clutches and gear trains, and Cat claims the 9-speed transmission can deliver up to 10% more fuel efficiency.

Caterpillar claims that the Caterpillar 745c, with the C18 mated to the CX38 transmission, can accelerate to 80% of maximum speed 21% faster than its B-series counterparts, its speed on grade is between 8% and 15%. %. % better, and the forward tire traction is 9% higher. Reverse speed has been improved and reverse torque has been increased by 35%.

The capacity of the Caterpillar 745c has increased 1.5 tonnes to 45.2 tonnes. Combined with the truck’s increased power and speed, Cat claims it is up to 12% more productive than the 740B. The Caterpillar 745c is the same width as the 740B, albeit with a 16-inch longer body. The dump bed rails are 2.5 inches lower, with a minimum height of 10 feet 4 inches, than those on the 740B.

Trucks designed for sale in North America and other highly regulated territories are equipped to meet emissions standards with the Cat Clean Emissions Module (CEM). Exhaust aftertreatment system includes a regenerable diesel particulate filter automatically (remove accumulated soot) without operator intervention or interruption of the duty cycle. The system also includes a selective catalytic reduction system and a diesel exhaust fluid reservoir.

  • New wet disc brakes on all axles
  • Most powerful retarder with automatic retarder control engages retarder and selects retarder level
  • The hardest steel in the body reduces the wear rate by up to 12%.
  • The new “holding brake”, activated from the gear lever, activates the service brakes in the loading and unloading zones
  • New Hill Assist System controls machine roll when stopping and starting on slopes
  • Automatic traction control manages cross and inter-axle differentials locks
  • Traction control integrated with the steering to maximize traction when cornering
  • New Payload Option on the Caterpillar 745c Measures Production and Helps Get Accurate Truck Loads
  • New robotically welded box section rear frame
  • Rated power and payload Caterpillar 745c – 511 hp 45. 2 tons


Caterpillar 745c

Features & Benefits


All Cat Tier 4 Final / Stage IV engines with ACERT Technology are equipped with a combination of proven electronic, fuel, air and aftertreatment components.


Advanced MEUI-C injector platforms offer higher injection pressures and more accurate fuel rates. These durable injectors improve responsiveness and control soot.


Cat Tier 4 Final / Stage IV engines feature innovative air management systems that optimize airflow and improve power, efficiency and reliability.


The larger diameter torque converter, configured for off-road applications, allows more engine power to be transmitted more efficiently to the lower powertrain.


The ATC system, successfully introduced in the B Series, has been further enhanced to increase performance. The application of the inter and transverse differential locks is “on the fly” and fully automatic.


In automatic mode, using the retarder is much easier for the operator. As with ATC, various aspects of machine operation are monitored and, if necessary, the engine compression brake is automatically activated.


When set to automatic mode, regeneration occurs without any operator interaction. The three regeneration modes shown below allow the articulated truck to adapt to specific site conditions in the most efficient way.


The three-point front suspension oscillates ± 6 ° to provide a smooth ride, allowing the operator to navigate rough terrain at speed and soften impact loads on structures and components.


The front suspension uses an oscillating A-frame with a side link to control lateral axle movement and stability.


It features a travel beam with Caterpillar 745c designed rear suspension mounts, which have a long service life and provide a reliable, stable ride for excellent load retention.


The three-point front suspension, with its oscillating axle and low-pressure ride struts, combined with the center-mounted cab, offers unmatched levels of ride comfort for the operator in all driving conditions.


The air suspension seat provides greater operator comfort with a high padded backrest, three-way adjustable damping, ride zone indicator and lumbar adjustments. It is fully adjustable to provide the optimal riding position.


The controls and indicators are easy to read and operate, the controls and indicators allow the operator to focus on the safe operation of the machine while maintaining productivity.


The integrated, wraparound dashboard puts all controls within easy reach of the operator. It has LED-illuminated rocker switches for dimming the dashboard, rear wiper, hazard sign, work light, secondary steering, air conditioning, and cigarette lighter.


The articulated hitch provides the truck with steering articulation, and the oscillation ensures ground contact for all wheels on rough terrain.


Dual circuit braking system on all wheels. The full power hydraulic system operates closed, oil-immersed, multi-plate brakes with independent front and rear circuits and accumulators.


Located on the center shaft in the raised position, it is spring applied and hydraulically released.


The radiator package is located behind the cab, providing protection against frontal impacts and offering easy access to the inlet and outlet sides of the radiator.


Extends the change interval and improves component life by reducing aluminum corrosion.

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